Albert H. Morehead

Stories and other writings


  1. AHM Residences 1909 - 1966
  2. "The Daniels Hotel" (New York) (a reminiscence)
  3. "Commentaire bref on Christmas Giving" (a true story!)
  4. "Annie's Story" my father's reminiscences of his African-American nurse Annie Williams
  5. "Wolfeiana" (a commentary on Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward, Angel and Cambridge, Mass. in the 1920s)
  6. Palindromes (a particular favorite of my father's, a number of good examples are given here)
  7. Monica Lewis — Miss Leg-o-genic (actress/singer who just passed away, father wrote an article on her in the 50's)
  8. The Campaign That Failed, an article about a gambling establishment and the unexpected intervention of a certain Al Capone
  9. [Professional Gambling], an article on how to be a subsistence gambler (keep in mind that the money amounts are mid-1950s dollars -- multiply by 8.15)
  10. Why Do People Gamble?, an article written for the New York Times and revised several times but never published
  11. An interesting exchange of letters on the Scopes trial. In which AHM claims to have been the youngest reporter at the trial.
  12. Why Don't They Speak?An article for Cosmopolitan Magazine (1949) about the de Havilland sisters (esp. Joan Fontaine) and their alleged feud.
  13. Lucille Ball. A draft of an article for Cosmopolitan Magazine (1953) about Lucy and Desi.
  14. For Fifteen Years Nobody Finer. An article for Cosmopolitan Magazine (1955) about the legendary Dinah Shore.
  15. Liars' Club. An interesting collection of Liars' Club tall tales.
  16. Kitty Newman. An interesting letter about the Loveman family history and my cousin Kitty Newman (1860-1957?) in particular.
  17. Lookout Mountain School. Another letter from AHM to his Aunt Mary about an institution on Chattanooga's Lookout Mountain.
  18. Barclay Street. Written by AHM Spring 1924, age officially 14, for Baylor Short-Story contest — not submitted, for reasons I have forgotten. Perhaps because of my classmate & friend, Lester Grant, called “Useless.”
  19. The Diary of Rose Loveman. A daily diary (in pdf form, 8.8 MB) covering the post-Civil War period from late December 1866 thru April 1867 in the life of a young woman (my great-grandmother) in Nashville, TN. Transcribed, with explanatory notes and illustrations. To download, click here.
  20. Black-Loveman History. An article by May Loveman Sobel, written to tell her grandchildren about the history of her family.
  21. Letter to a Young Writer. A letter written by AHM to a relative giving very valuable advice on writing and style.
  22. Congo Encounter. An article by Dr. James G. Diller, who was for three years a medical missionary of the Congo Inland Mission, one of the founders of which was AHM's father-in-law. The mission was active for more than fifth years until the upheavals around 1960.

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