The Times Herald, Waco, TX May 16, 1920


Albert Hodges Morehead, professor of voice culture at Baylor university, is the possessor of a book containing many relics, reminiscences and epistles of some of the prominent early celebrities. This book was compiled by his mother, Mrs. Lavinia Murdock Morehead and naturally is considered his most valuable possession.

Among these is a letter written by the late W. D. Howells, who was an intimate friend of the family. It is dates June 25, 1872, and was written from Cambridge, Mass. At this time Dr. Howells was editor of the Atlantic Monthly. The few lines written by Mr. Howells were in the nature of an invitation to the world peace jubilee which was held at Boston in 1872 at the close of the Civil War. One of the tickets is still in the possession of Mr. Morehead.

Among other letters is one sent to Mrs. Morehead by Edwin M. Stanton, dated 1863, written by him as secretary of warm during the Civil War. Another of later date by President Hays written in 1878.

The most cherished possession, however, is a badge worn by Mr. Morehead’s father in 1844 at the nomination of Henry Clay at Baltimore. This contains a picture of Clay with an eagle and shield inscribed above. It is in a most remarkable state of preservation, all the colors and inscriptions being made as clear and distinct as though they were made in recent years.