Musican and Teacher Extraordinaire


Solfège and Theory Teacher Extraordinaire

Mlle Boulanger's cadence sheets, transcribed and translated, in pdf format. (Note: The file is slightly over 1 megabyte in size. These sheets were transcribed some years ago and may contain errors of transcription or translation. Any corrections would be welcomed. Please email me to report corrections, additions, or comments.)

Mlle Dieudonnée's recommended course of study for Solfège (in french or english). I have provided publisher information on recommended exercise books where I had it. Of course, many of the books are no longer available for purchase. (Please email me to report corrections, additions, or comments.)

Three personal letters from Mlle Boulanger. My wife and I both studied with Mlle Boulanger for two years (1962-3 and 1964-5) in Paris and at Fontainebleau. She was an extraordinary person and a very dear friend. She sent birthday cards to our first-born son for some years after we returned to the US.

Below are some class pictures from Fontainebleau Ecoles d'Art Américaines of 1963 and 1965.