Four-Letter Word

for Pat & Janice

and the CUBE Contemporary Music Ensemble

Come up, be entertained!

Complimentary ushers beckon eager

concertgoers, urged between eroded

columns until, bleary-eyed, each

collapses upon becushioned empty

chair. Upstage, beauty’s eloquence

caresses unceasingly both ears,

causing ubiquitous, beaming ecstasy.

Concerts underneath beams expose

composers unknown by ending

century. Under bow expert

Combet’s unmatched brilliance ensemble’s

commission unfolds. Barbara, expressive

chanteuse, undulates beautiful, enigmatic

cantilenas. Unfazed but earnest

Caroline unleashes breathless Exaltation.

Collins unpacks bass, excites

Carol, upstaging bearded, enwigged


Ultimately, battling, enthusiastic

Co’s, university bred, envision

consistently urbane boardwalk events.

Composers united by economics

creating untold beauties. Encore!

—Philip Morehead