Canadian Contemporary
Music Workshop (CCMW)

The Early Years (1984-87)

CCMW sprang from an idea of Patricia Morehead in conjunction with Lorraine Johnson and Dr. Samuel Dolin to provide a vehicle for composers to hear performances of their works for larger ensembles. The organization continues to this day (click here for their current website).

(From the 1985 program booklet):

The Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop is a unique program presenting not only a forum for Canadian composers, performers and conductors but also an opportunity for school-aged musicians and the general public to see and hear the preparation and performance of recent works from across Canada.

The concept behind the Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop has evolved over the past three years, involving the dedicated efforts of many people. For all of us it has been a labour of love but it has also required the generous financial assistancew of both public and private sectors. With their support our endeavours in 1985 have thus far met with encouraging success; 1986 will be one more step toward establishing a successful and important forum for Canadian music in the years to come.

Samuel Dolin (Artistic Director)

(Logo designs by Paul Walty)


Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop Ensemble

Fujiko Imajishi, Concertmaster
Olga Priestman, Dominique La Plante, Nancy Gibson, Sonia Klimasko, Elizabeth Hubley, Jaak Liivoja, violins
Catherine Rapoport, Dorothy Pelleran, Linda Umbrico, violas
Elizabeth Dolin, Elaine Thompson, cellos
Roberto Occipinti, double bass
Shelley Brown, Victoria Blechta, flutes
Patricia Morehead, Lawrence Cherney, oboes
Richard Hornsby, clarinet
Harvey Saltzman, bassoon
Bruce Dorcy, Paul Kuchar, horns
John Kargut, Gary Poole, gtrumpets
John Dowden, trombone
Scott Irvine, tuba
David Tomlanson, timpani
Beverley Johnson, Kenneth Erskine, percussion
Erica Goodman, harp
Larissa Kuzmenko, Peeter Tammearu, piano
Timothy Brady, electric guitar
Joseph Macerollo, accordion

Pieces Read at Canadian Contemporary Music Workshops

Elma Miller, Margarita Anguisque
Alice Ho, Inflourescense
Joseph Zapotechny, Dialogue
Graham Crane, Quartet
Helen Hardy, Quintette for Woodwinds
Mary Hildebrand, Pas de Printemps
Tim Brady, Sonatina
Norman Sherman, Euphoria

Canadian Contemporary Music Workshop

Samuel Dolin, Artistic Director
Patricia Morehead, Assistant Artistic Direcgtor
Paul Busato, Musical Director
Joseph Macerollo, President
Michael Kerwin, Vice-President
Lorraine Johnson, Executive Administrator
Scott Irvine, Orchestra Manager
Peeter Tammearu, Saul Chapman, Advisors

Program: May 26, 1984
St. Charles Borromeo Church, 811 Lawrence Ave. West, North York

John Weinzweig, Divertimento I
Jaime Thompson, flute, Gary Kulesha, conductor
Roberto Gerhard, Nonette
Gary Kulesha, conductor

Timothy Sullivan, Nonette
Philip Morehead, conductor
Bernd Alois Zimmermann, Concerto for Oboe and Small Orchestra
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, conductor
Brian Sexton, Three Sketches for Orchestra
Paul Busato, conductor

Program: May 27, 1984
Columbus Centre, 901 Lawrence Ave. West, North York

Ruth Lomon, Desiderata
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Beverley Johnston, marimba, Ruth Lomon, bowed chimes

Linda Bouchard, Cherchell
Victoria Blechta, flute, Pearl Palmason, violin, Catherine Rapoport, viola, Peeter Tammearu, piano, Philip Morehead, conductor
Michael Horwood, Residue
Scott Irvine, tuba, Beverley Johnston, vibraphone
Robert Aitken, Plainsong
Jaimie Thompson, flute
Claude Schryer, Plusieurs bonsoirs
Pearl Palmason, violin, Peeter Tammearu, piano
Wendy Prezament, Three Pieces after paintings by Joan Miro
Jaimie Thompson, flute, John Dowden, trombone, Beverley Johnston, percussioin, Larissa Kuzmenko, piano, Paul Busato, conductor
Denys Dion, Ana
Shelley Brown, flute, Alan Torok, guitar
Samuel Dolin, Sonata fantasia
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, piano

Program: May 28, 1984
Studio Theatre, Harbourfront, Queen's Quay West, Toronto

Samuel Dolin, Sonata for String Orchestra
Paul Busato, conductor
Gary Kulesha, First Chamber Concerto
Gary Kulesha, conductor
Norman Sherman, Icthyon
Paul Busato, conductor
Peeter Tammearu, Concerto Borealis for Oboe and Small Orchestra
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, conductor
Alexina Louie, Music for a Thousand Autumns
Paul Busato, conductor



Program: May 24, 1985
St. Charles Borromeo Church, 811 Lawrence Ave West, North York

Glenn Buhr, Le rêve revient
James Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton, piano
Helen Hall, Winter Trees
Philip Morehead, conductor
Philip Stern, Clouds
Wayne Strongman, conductor
Samuel Dolin, Concerto for Four
James Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton, piano, Beverley Johnston and John Brownell, percussion
Michael Kerwin, Five Songs
Heather Wilberforce, soprano

Program: May 25, 1985
St. Charles Borromeo Church, 811 Lawrence Ave West, North York

Martha Hill, Tribute
Philip Morehead, conductor
Ruth Lomon, Metamorphosis
Elizabeth Dolin, cello, Philip Morehead, piano
Bruce Shavers, String Quartet
Lorraine Johnson, Xanadu
Philip Morehead, conductor
James Hiscott, Ceremony III
Paul Busato, conductor

Program: May 26, 1985
St. Charles Borromeo Church, 811 Lawrence Ave West, North York

Wendy Prezament, Images of a Chair
Gary Kulesha, conductor
Morris Surdin, Concerto II
Joseph Macerollo, accordion, Gary Kulesha, conductor
Clifford Ford, Metamorphose II
Paul Busato, conductor
Gary Kulesha, Nocturne for Chamber Orchestra
Scott Irvine, conductor
John Weinzweig, Divertimento No. 2
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, conductor

Talivaldis Kenins, Concerto for Fourteen Instruments
Paul Busato, conductor

Concert Readings
Columbus Centre, 901 Lawrence Ave. West, North York

May 13, 1985
Lorraing Muter Humber, Rhapsody
Lorraine Muter Humber, Trio
John Herberman, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

May 14, 1985
Fernando Baldassini, Emit Time
Michael Kerwin, Music for Claves
Corry Vidotto, Memories

May 15, 1985
Timothy Sullivan, Night and Wind
Denis Saindon, Azemo No. 1
Bruce Shavers, String Quartet

May 16, 1985
Mary Hildebrand, Esuberanza
Lorraine Johnson, Legends
Ben Haines, Children's Fantasy No. 2


January 22, 1986, Scarborough Civic Centre
January 24, 1986, Royal Conservatory of Music

Maurizio Kagel, Pandora's Box
Joseph Macerollo, accordion
Stefan Wolpe, Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, piano
Lothar Klein, Three Melancholy Songs
Roxolana Roslak, soprano, Philip Morehead, piano
Lorraine Johnson, Xanadu
Roxolana Roslak, soprano, Patricia Morehead, oboa, Gregory James, clarinet, Marianne Pack, cello, Joseph Macerollo, accordion, Philip Morehead, conductor
Samuel Dolin, Sonata Fantasia
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Philip Morehead, piano

CCMW Orchestra

Vicki Blechta, flute
Arlene Fietkau, oboe
Gregory James, clarinet
Shannon Peet, bassoon
Bruce Dorcy, Jennifer Wilson, horns
Daryl Eaton, Michael Malone, trumpets
David Archer, trombone
Gerard Kantarjian, concertmaster
Martin Bazarian, Christophe Chiasson, Isadore Desser, Lillian Nickoloff, Pearl Palmason, Jeffrey Wall, violins
Katherine Rapoport, Roxanna Kantarjnian, Beverley Spotton, violas
Marianne Pack, Maurizio Baccante, cellos
Viiu Varek, contrabass
William Brennan, Mark Duggan, percussion
Cecilia Ignatieff, piano

Trio Concert
Royal Conservatory Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West

Jean Coulthard, Sonata for Oboe and Piano
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Patricia Morehead, Design 2
Vicki Blechta, flute
Gerhard Weunsch, Cameos II
Patricia Morehead, oboe
Oscar Morawetz, Sonata for Flute
Vicki Blechta, flute, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Micheline Coulombe St-Marcoux, Horizon 2
Patricia Morehead, oboe
Talivaldis Kenins, Concertante
Vicki Blechta, flute, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano

Chamber Concert
Royal Conservatory Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West

Larysa Kuzmenko, Dr. Faustus
Roxolana Roslak, soparno, Larysa Kuzmenko, piano
Alan Torok, Renascence Trio
Toronto Guitar Trio
Mary Gardiner, De Profundis
Iraina Neufeld, soprano, Gregory James, clarinet, Marianne Pack, cello, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Richard Desilets, Onze Octobre
Roxolana Roslak, soprano, Pearl Palmason and Isadore Desser, violins, Katherine Rapoport, viola, Marianne Pack, cello, Beverley Johnston, percussion, Gary Kulesha, conductor
Gary Kulesha, Second Sonata for Piano
Larysa Kuzmenko, piano
Daniel Foley, Rabelaesiana
Viiu Varek, double bass, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano-harpsichord, Erica Goodman, harp, Beverley Johnston, percussion

Orchestral Concert
Royal Conservatory Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West

Michael Kositsky, Elegy for Oboe and String Orchestra
Patricia Morehead, oboe, Gary Kulesha, conductor
Michael Horwood, Words
Michael Schulman, narrator, Philip Headlam, conductor
Omar Daniel, Montage
Rachel Gauk, guitar, Gary Kulesha, conductor
Brian Tate, Concertino
David Bourque, bass clarinet, Gary Kulesha, conductor
John Weinzweig, Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra
Erica Goodman, harp, Gary Kulesha, conductor

June 9-13, 1986, Royal Conservatory Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West

June 9, 1986
Gerry Thornton, Ending Opening Into
Gary Kulesha, conductor

June 10, 1986
Omar Daniel, Montage
Rachel Gauk, guitar, Gary Kulesha, conductor

June 11, 1986
Clark Ross, Prelude and Scherzo
Philip Headlam, conductor
Lynne Muzzerall, Narrative for Flute and Strings
Vicki Blechta, flute, Philip Headlam, conductor

June 12, 1986
Michael Hynes, Accumulations
Michael Hynes, piano, Gary Kulesha, conductor

June 13, 1986
Neal Evans, Quintet for Winds
Patricia Morehead, conductor



Vicki Blechta, flute
Patricia Morehead, oboe
Greg James, clarinet
Peter Lutek, bassoon
Judy Kaye, horn
Daryl Eaton, trumpet
Bill Brennan, Mark Duggan, percussion
Bernadene Blaha, piano
Charlotte Moon, harp
Tony Flint, concertmaster
Pearl Palmason, Isidor Desser, Ruth Fazal, Louise Paul, Chris Chiasson, Mi Huon Kim, Jeff Wall, violins
Julian Knight, Jonathan Craig, Arthur Jansens, violas
Marianne Pack, Jennifer Huggett, cellos
Viiu Varik, Carey Takagaki, doublebasses

June 18, 1987, Royal Conservatory Concert Hall
Beverley Johnston, percussion
Robert W. Stevenson, clarinet
Larysa Kuzmenko, piano

Peter Hatch, Lagtime
Daniel Foley, Hommage à Henri Rousseau
Henry Kucharzyk, Beating
Robert W. Stevenson, Canto
Linda C. Smith, Invisible Cities
Alexina Louie, Cadenzas

June 17, 1987, Royal Conservatory Concert Hall

Alexander Rapoport, Trio
Vicki Blechta, flute, Gregory James, bass clarinet, Ceclia Ignatieff, piano
Robert C. May, Das Jahr der Seele
Angelique Leydier, soprano, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Murray Geddes, Politics
Vicki Blechta, flute, Andras Weber, cello, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Omar Daniel, …The Stars Would Have Me Weep
Regan Grant, baritone, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano
Saul Chapman, Blues and Variations
Bernadene Blaha, piano
David Scott, At a Quiet Surface
Angelique Leydier, soprano, Vicki Blechta, flute and alto flute, Patricia Morehead, oboe and English horn, Pearl Palmason, violin, Andras Weber, cello, Bill Brennan, percussion, Cecilia Ignatieff, piano

June 20, 1987, Royal Conservatory Concert Hall
Gary Kulesha, conductor

Mary Hildebrand, The Marsh in September
Larysa Kuzmenko, Concertino
Beverley Johnston, vibraphone and marimba
Michael Kerwin, Tombeau
Regan Grant, baritone
Norman Sherman, Sinfonia Concertante
Peter Lutek, bassoon


June 8, 1987
Colin Eatock, Meditations for String Orchestra

June 9, 1987
Wenda Prezament, Harmonia

June 10, 1987
Philip Stern, Inukshuks

June 11, 1987
James Rolfe, Frankie Goes to Hospital

June 12, 1987
Gary Kulesha, Serenade for Strings


June 8, 1987
Antonin Kubalek, Contemporary Piano

June 9, 1987
Gary Kulesha, Computer Music

June 10, 1987
Wes Wraggett, Computer Music

June 11, 1987
Ann Southam, Henry Kucharzyk, Composition for Dance

June 12, 1987
Istvan Anhalt, Alternate Voices

June 15, 1987
Robert Stevenson, Vicki Blechta, Patricia Morehead, Multiphonics for Winds

June 16, 1987
Alan Torok, Present-Day Guitar

June 17, 1987
Eugene Kash, Contemporary Violin

June 18, 1987
Joseph Macerollo, Contemporary Accordion

June 19, 1987
Dr. Samuel Dolin, Round Table and Feedback