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Abbinanti, Frank Conversations with Boulez by Jean Vermeil (review) Calendar Sept/Oct 1996
Abbinanti, Frank Luigi Nono's Prometeo (a review) Calendar Nov/Dec 1994
Abbinanti, Frank no sound is innocent / the meta-musical narratives of AMM Calendar Nov/Dec 1995
Atovsky, Sheldon Heterogeneous Schizothymia and the Current Musical Mélange Calendar May/June 1994
Axelrod, Larry CUBE's Sonic Impact @ MCA Circuits Fall 2006
Axelrod, Larry Golijov's Opera Ainadar in Santa Fe Circuits Fall/Winter 2005
Axelrod, Larry Made in China Circuits Fall 2007
Berg, Alben The Musical Forms in my Opera Wozzeck Calendar Jan/Feb 1994
Blocker, Richard Composer Focus: Reflections on Diverse Ideas Calendar Jan/Feb 1995
Blumenthal, Ralph George Walker Calendar Sept/Oct 2004
Bolcom, William Notes on A View from the Bridge Calendar Sept/Oct 1999
Buzzarté, Monique The Abbie Conant Story Calendar Mar/Apr 1999
Falesch, R. Albert George Flynn at 60 Calendar Jan/Feb 1997
Gena, Peter Fifty Years After: Music of the European Reconstruction and the Euro-American Community Calendar May/June 1995
Huydts, Sebastian Composers on their Works Calendar Mar/Apr 1995
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice A Composer Speaks Out Calendar Mar/Apr 1995
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice A Running Nose Circuits Fall/Winter 2005
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Berlin Diary I Calendar Nov/Dec 2004
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Berlin Diary II Calendar Jan/Feb 2005
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Cuba Sí: Music for social activism Circuits Winter 2008
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Facing Human Conflict Circuits Fall 2006
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice In the Mideast: Chicago Musical Connections Circuits Fall 2007
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Roving CUBIST: Randspiele XIV Circuits Fall 2006
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Sensationally Macabre Circuits Winter/Spring 2006
Misurell-Mitchell, Janice Shout & Streetwise: Opera in London Circuits Fall 2007
Morehead, Pat Interviews with William Ferris and M. William Karlins Calendar May/June 2000
Morehead, Pat Tribute to Ralph Shapey Calendar May/June 2001
Osborne, William Women and Minorities in the VPO Circuits Winter/Spring 2007
Peters, Rainer The Berlin Novembergruppe and its Musicians Calendar Sept/Oct 1993
Rizzer, Gerald On Programming New Music Calendar Mar/Apr 1996
Sandroff, Howard New Tools, New Technology, Old Dilemma Calendar Mar/Apr 1997
Seward, Philip Dr. Atomic: Lyric Opera Premiere Circuits Winter 2008
Steinhagen, Jon The Tell-Tale Heart: Notes on creating a one-act, one-man opera Calendar Mar/Apr 2002
Weddington, Maurice Xiang Aspects and Other Compositions Calendar Sept/Oct 1995
15th Anniversary Concert Calendar Jan/Mar 2003
About Abbie Conant Calendar Mar/Apr 2000
Activities of Chicago Composers Calendar Nov/Dec 1995
American Composers Forum Calendar Sept/Oct 1997
CCP Season Calendar Jan/Feb 2001
Chicago Notes: About Chicago-based composers Calendar Mar/Apr 1996
Chicago Notes: About Chicago-based composers Calendar May/June 1996
Composers Corner: A Modest proposal by Janice Misurell-Mitchell Calendar Nov/Dec 1996
Composers Round Table Calendar Nov/Dec 1996
CUBE and MASS Collaborate Calendar May/June 1997
CUBE in June Calendar May/June 1996
CUBE members summer activities Calendar Sept/Oct 1995
CUBE Past (Recent) and Future (Near) Calendar Sept/Oct 1994
ICE Formation Calendar May/Aug 2002
Interview with Augusta Read Thomas Pt. 1 Calendar Mar/Apr 1998
Interview with Augusta Read Thomas Pt. 2 Calendar May/June 1998
Interview with Robert Lombardo, Composer and Teacher Calendar Dec/Jan 2001-2002
Italian Cultural Center Event Calendar Nov/Dec 1995
Lyric Opera Center to present Shulamit Ran's Between Two Worlds Calendar May/June 1997
Mark Rothko: The Spirit of Myth Calendar Jan/Feb 1996
Melomania, New Group in Town Calendar Sept/Oct 1998
More about Maria Niederberger and Yehudi Wyner Calendar Jan/Feb 2000
Mostly Music and CUBE: The Rise of the American Music Identity Calendar Jan/Feb 1998
Mostly Music Celebrates its 25th Anniversary Calendar Nov/Dec 1997
Ned Rorem Celebration Calendar Seot/Nov 2003
New Work by John Eaton Calendar Sept/Oct 1998
Notes on The Great Gatsby Calendar Sept/Oct 2000
Program Notes for WFMT broadcast Calendar Sept/Oct 1994
Ralph Shapey in Remembrance Calendar Sept/Dec 2002
Randspiele XIIII in Berlin Circuits Fall/Winter 2005
Special Notice: DePaul Symphony Orchestra Calendar Nov/Dec 1996
Spirits and Shadows Calendar Jan/Feb 1999
Symposium on Music and Gender Calendar Mar/Apr 1996
The American Composers Forum Calendar Sept/Oct 1996
The American Composers Forum Calendar Nov/Dec 1996
The Amistad Incident Calendar  Nov/Dec 1997
The Eaton Opera Company Returns! Calendar May/June 1996
The International Alliance for Women in Music Calendar Mar/Apr 1997
The New Pocket Opera Calendar Nov/Dec 1993
Thoughts on Ted Shen Calendar Dec 2003 - Feb 2004
Tribute to M. William Karlins Circuits Fall/Winter 2005
Weill/Brecht Mahagonny at Lyric Opera Calendar Nov/Dec 1998