New Bureau, General Electric Company, Schenedtady, N.Y.


"Kibitzing" all four hands at once was possible recently when a demonstration contract bridge game with four of the country's outstanding players was televised by WRGB, the General Electric station in Schenectady, N.Y.

Above, shown during the program are, from left to right: Mrs. A.M. Sobel (partly hidden by the television camera), present holder of the national title; Willam E. McKinney, American Contract Bridge League secretary and newspaper bridge columnist; Mr. Sobel and Mrs. McKinney, with back to the camera. Behind Mr. Sobel is Albert H. Morehead, president of the League who acted as commentator. Mr. Morehead believed the demonstration proved the feasibility of teaching bridge by television.

The McKinneys were the winners in the 45 minutes of play.