New England Chamber Opera Group

W.A. Mozart The Abduction from the Seraglio

Constanze — Mary Strebing
Belmonte — Wayne Rivera
Blonde — Kimberly Daniel
Pedrillo — Thomas Olsen
Osmin — Scott Brumit
Pasha Selim — Rafael de Acha

Director — Rafael de Acha
Conductor — Philip Morehead

"The New England Chamber Opera Group's production at the Massachusetts College of Arts has several things going for it — most of them on the musical side.
It has primarily well-paced, thoughtful, and knowing leadership in the pit thanks to conductor Philip Morehead who is able to coax out of the insecure technical resources of his orchestra a viable musical product. Coming as infrequently as it does even in the most prestigious opera companies, this is always something to be thankful for.
Then there is the suave and stylish singing of Wayne Rivera in the role of Belmonte, the gentleman who engineers the abduction from the harem. Also dainty and pretty singing from Kimberly Daniel as Blonde." (Ellen Pfeifer, Boston Herald American, May 27, 1975)

Thomas Olsen, Scott Brumit

Thomas Olsen, Kimberly Daniel