Dear Erne:

 I was too tired to write to you last night after we got home from the party on the Noa. We had such a strenuous time that I was dead. It had been a mixed day, partly showers, partly sunshiney, but at 3:30, just when Adrien and Frances were due rain started, but Ga [Albert H. Morehead] got home to dress. Before he was shaved the rain was coming down in sheets. We were due at the Noa at 4:30 and it is out at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and that some distance. Ga got thru finally but no Gambets. Eddie was here and Geoff had decided not to go, so there were to be only 5 of us. We waited until after 4:15, the rain continuing and no Gambets. Finally we went down stairs, having given up hope that they would telephone where they were, thinking we would get a taxi and go. But there were cars parked in front of the door, and altho there is an awning to the street, the rain was so terrible and the gutters so flooded that we couldn't get the two feet from curb to taxi. It was 4:30 before the rain slackened enough for us to get to the corner and a taxi. As I say, its a good distance, $2 worth, but we finally got there, and then we had to cross two Destroyers and wait while the Noa was backed two feet into position to put the gangway across so we could get onto the Noa, but they knew we were there so that wasn't so bad, but you can imagine how nervous I had been. The party started out very slow and I talked a blue streak at first as no one knew what to say, but soon we were off and every one seemed to be having a nice time. They had tea, sandwiches, ice cream and cake. All extremely good. And toast

 Com. Duvall, (his name isn't Stuvall in spite of the fact that one of the men had spelled it to me over the phone the first time I phoned, but he had just come and they didn't know,) is a dear. Nice looking, bald headed and unmarried. I told him to bring his girl with him Thursday. Lt. Moses, with a very nice and very well dressed wife who poured tea, and who Eddie says, has a roving eye, is also a dear. Two as nice men as I ever met. Then Lt. Naber or Faber. We all three tried to catch the name correctly on account of Thurs., but couldn't. Very quiet and very quiet wife. Several other officers, another Lt. and two Ensigns whose names I didn't catch, but not so important as they can't come Thurs. They gave me some of this paper, some of which I will bring to you. But they told me some very bad news, over which Com. Duvall is particularly distressed. The Noa, and several other Destroyers of the same build are to be un-commissioned in Sept. It seems they were very hurriedly built and were not made of non-rustable steel, and so they are very expensive to keep up. But Com. Duvall told me that the Noa had a very fine record and he had looked forward to being in command and of course doesn't know whether or not he will be put in command of some other boat. The officers have planned to ask that the brass name plate of the Noa be sent to me when the boat goes out of commission. They really are dears, Duvall and Moses. I haven't heare a word from Adrien so far, altho I expected he would telephone to say where they were held up or something. Of course we couldn't call them, but I'll write today and ask them to come tomorrow to make up for the disappointment. 

My new dress is very nice all but the cuffs which are too large, but that won't take long to fix. The skirt is a mess from climbing ujp and down those awful ladders in the rain, but of course I wanted to go all over the place, and altho it was not raining hard at that time it was pretty wet. By the time we got home it was perfectly clear. Why couldn't things, weather especially, have been reversed? 

I'm not sure I remember enough about treating the boys to do Lucia [AHM's sister-in-law] much good with the baby [Bianca] . It would be a good plan for her to go to Dr. Foster and have him give her a lesson. That's what I did. 

Ga has had lots of sleep since the convention was over but not half enough, because as soon as that was finished there was the issue of the Bridge World to get out and of course that had been neglected so he has been working evenings and Sunday, but for three mornings I didn't wake him up until very late. 

Saturday I had Margaret McK. and Archie to dinner and they got along famously. I do like Margaret but she bores me to extinction. 

I have a woman coming to clean up and help Thurs. who has been so highly recommended by Lawrence Southwick's Aunt that I am expecting wonders. Her name is Salome and according to Mrs. Rodgers she is another Annie [see article about her here]. I'm hoping that by next fall I can have her once a week and have company on those days. We really should have lots of people to dinner, Ga's friends but he is so busy that he doesn't get time to have them. I'm feeling so much better now that I wouldn't mind in the least having company. 

I found your blue dress stuff and will have it cut out and basted when I come. Did Lill take her machine? If so we go to Lucia's to sew, doing fitting and hand work at home. 

I got up early to write this as I'm going after a pattern, that is two of them, for those Thresher dresses, as soon as breakfast is over, and now I have to begin waking the expert. 

I hope Sam is better, and that you won't work yourself to death while Mrs. R. is away. 



[Bianca Noa Morehead]