Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, SD, 18 June 1894

Mr. Albert H. Morehead will give a musical this evening at 9 o’clock in compliment to Mr. and Mrs. U. S. G Cherry at their home on South Summit avenue. A program of ten numbers has been arranged. Mrs. George G. Holcomb will be accompanist.



Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, SD, 19 June 1894


Mr. Albert H. Morehead Gives One in Compliment to Mr. and Mrs. U. S. G. Cherry—The Program.

Mr. Albert H. Morehead gave a delightful musicale last evening complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. U. S. G. Cherry, at their beautiful home on South Summit avenue. About forty guests were present to enjoy Mr. Morehead’s singing and the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Cherry. The program consisted of ten numbers well adapted to display the excellencies of Mr. Morehead’s voice, and was most enthusiastically received by the guests. Mr. Morehead’s voice has the quality of mellowness which gives it sympathy, and the vigor and incisiveness which creates enthusiasm, and makes the effect powerful and brilliant. He has a wide range and sings with that remarkable ease which can only come from natural ability, carefully cultivated.  His voice did not tire through the evening, and was as clear, pure and strong in the last as in the first selection. Mrs. George G. Holcomb was accompanist, and by her accuracy and skill in managing the piano, contributed largely to the success of the evening. The duet by Mrs. Cherry and Mr. Morehead was most graciously executed and was heartily received. After the program was rendered, Mr. Morehead received the hearty compliments of all for the evening’s entertainment and for the excellent manner in which he carried every number. The program was as follows:

“With Overflowing Heart” and “The Soft Summer Breeze,” from “Rebekah.”

“The Distant Shore.”

“Had I My Choice.”

“Memories,” “Night,” “Morning”


“Comfort Ye” and “Every Valley,” from the “Messiah.”

“Edenland,” Mrs. Cherry and Mr. Morehead, “Lieblingslaetzchen” and “Fruelingslied.”

“The Sailor’s Grave.”

“Tell Her I Love Her So.”



Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, SD, 15 June 1894


One of Unusual Merit to Be Given in Germania Hall This Evening

A concert will be given in Germania hall this evening by the Ladies Musical society, assisted by Mssrs. A. H. Morehead tenor, and Odin Fritz baritone. The extremely low admission fee of 25 cents will be charged, and a glance at the following program will prove to all that the event will be a charming one:

Sextet, “I Waited for the Lord,” Mesdames Boyce, Sherman, Parmley, Miss Keeney and Messrs. Fritz and Morehead.

Solo, “Last Hope,” Miss Swanson.

Solo, “Widmung,” “Ich Liebe Dich,” Mr. O. Fritz

Duet, selected, Mesdames Rounds and Hollister.

Solo, “With Verdure Clad,” Miss Keeney.

Quartet, from Rigoletto, Mesdames Boyce and Parmley and Messrs. Morehead and Fritz.

Duet, “Peer Gynt Suite,” Misses Strom Mikkelsen.

Solo, “Had I my Choice,” Mr. Morehead.

Solo, “Funeral March,” Mrs. F.H. Hollister.

Solo, ‘Carnival of Venice,” Mrs. Cherry.

Quartet, “You Stole My Love,” “Sleep While the Soft Evening Breezse.”



[Sioux Falls, SD]


One of the Most Artistic and Satisfactory Entertainments the Queen City Ever Enjoyed

A fine and delighted audience was that which attended the concert given at Germania hall last evening for the benefit of the Sioux Falls band. The Press remembers no entertainment here, in this line, whether amateur or professional, which has given more general satisfaction. It was artistic and most gratifying, and the audience was very emphatic in manifesting its appreciation. The programme as announced was as follows:

“Love’s Conflict”        Moore


“The Holy City”        Adams

Mr. Albert H. Morehead.

“Peaceful Now the Waves Reposing”        [Charles Wesley Jarvis]

Chorus and Orchestra.

Duet for Violins—“Grossmutterchen”        Langer

Mr. William Wagner and Mr. R. J. Johnson.

“Es Hat Nicht Sollen Sein”        Nessler

Mr. Odin Fritz.

“Les Sylph,” Valse Caprice        Bachmann



Miss Anna Bartlett.

“O Don Fatale” (from Don Carlos)        Verdi

Mrs. U. S. G. Cherry.

Trio for Horns—“I Navaganti”        Randegger

Mr. John Stout, Mr. R. E. Bach and

Mr. Sioux Crigsby.

“Spirit Immortal” (from the Opera of Atilla)        Verdi

Miss Jessie Keeney, Mr. R. M. Anderson,

Mr. Odin Fritz

Chorus and Orchestra.

Albert H. Morehead conducted the performance and Miss Katie Blosser was accompanist. A very neat feature of the evening was the reception given by the chorus and orchestra to Mr. Morehead when he appeared on the stage with his baton to conduct the opening overture—every member rising and heartily applauding his entry, which was taken up by the audience. This was a happy recognition of the appreciation which the participants in and attendants upon the entertainment have for the magnificent work the Mr. Morehead has done in the preparation and direction.

Every number upon the programme was encored, to most of which recalls there was a response. The work of both the orchestra and the chorus was superb, and the various other musical numbers were in keeping therewith. But no feature of all the evening was given such cordial and continued applause as the recitations of Miss Anna Bartlett. She was called out three times. Her reading and facial expression and dramatic action were magnificently artistic—something that has probably not been excelled by more than two artists who have ever visited Sioux Falls. It was her first appearance here—and although she has resided in this city for a long time, scarcely anybody was aware that the city possessed elocutionary talent of such surpassing excellence.

Owing to the accident that the piano score for the accompaniment was missing, the violin duet of Messrs. Wagner and Grober had to be omitted—by which unfortunate circumstance the audience was deprived of what would have been a particularly enjoyable feature of the programme.

The Press most certainly hopes that the concert may be repeated shortly. Mr. Morehead has to leave the city for a few days, but he and those associated with him might perhaps be induced upon his return to give a second presentation of what was without doubt a delightful and thoroughly satisfactory entertainment.



Sioux Falls Press, Tuesday, June 19, 1894


Mr. and Mrs. Cherry Entertain a Party of Friends to Hear Mr. Morehead Sing

The very pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. U. S. G. Cherry was last evening filled with a delighted company of their guests who had been invited to attend the musicale given complimentary to them by Mr. Albert Morehead. The programme included nine solos by Mr. Morehead and a duet by Mrs. Cherry and Mr. Morehead. The accompaniments were played by Mrs. George G. Holcomb, who is especially qualified by both natural gift and acquired talent for musical work of this character.

The programme was as follows:

“With Overflowing Heart” and “The Soft Summer Breeze,” from “Rebekah.” (Barnby)

“The Distant Shore.” (Sullivan)

“Had I My Choice.” (Shepard)

“Memories,” “Night,” “Morning” (Neiglinger)

“Ecstasy” (Smith)

“Comfort Ye” and “Every Valley,” from the “Messiah.” (Handel)

“Edenland,” Mrs. Cherry and Mr. Morehead. (Henshaw)

“Lieblingslaetzchen” and “Fruelingslied.” (Mendelssohn)

“The Sailor’s Grave.” (Sullivan)

“Tell Her I Love Her So.” (De Faya)

Of course, anybody who has ever heard Mr. Morehead’s magnificent tenor need not be told that his singing last evening was superb; but he has rarely been heard here in such good voice—so smooth and still so robust. The last number of the programme, even after the protracted effort of the evening, was as clear as if it had been his single number on the programme. Mr. Morehead is a thoroughly cultured vocalist, widely versed in both the science and art of music, and his residence in Sioux Falls affords a marked addition to the musical talent of the city. The duet by Mrs. Cherry and him was highly enjoyed, Mrs. Cherry’s fine soprano being heard to excellent advantage. The entire evening was a most gratifying delight to every lady and gentleman present.



Sioux Falls, SD , n.d.


Will Be Given to Sioux Falls People to Attend an Excellent Concert

The extraordinary success of the concert given by Prof. A. H. Morehead and other Sioux Falls talent at Germania Hall Tuesday evening has caused numerous requests to be made for a repetition of the concert. It has therefore been decided that on Saturday evening of this week at the same place, practically the same program will be rendered. Those who missed this event Tuesday are now given an opportunity to hear and attend an entertainment which is rarely equaled in this quality. A large number of those who so thoroughly enjoyed the first concert will attend the second, as the program is one which will bear many repetitions.

Mr. Morehead suggested that the proceeds of this second concert be devoted to some worthy local institution, but his friends insisted that inasmuch as he has so kindly rendered his services at so many public entertainments, the public owed him some recognition for his efforts, so the proceeds will go to him as a testimonial to his artistic ability as a musician.