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The recital given las evening at the First Christian Church by Professor A. H. Morehead and his class was a brilliant success. A large crowd was present and each number on the program was well rendered. This class represents the best musical talent of the city and each member showed evidence of careful and able training. The program consisted of old songs, and was as follows:

“Sweet and Low,” Barnby—Mrs. D. T. Matlack, Mrs. J. M. Walker, Mr. Morehead and Mr. D. T. Matlack.

“’Tis the Last Rose of Summer,” Moore—Mrs. W. S. Massie.

“When You and I Were Young, Maggie,” Butterfield—Mrs. W. E. Strode and Quartet, Mrs. Claude Scobee, Mrs. R. E. Olive, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Love’s Old Sweet Song,” Molloy—Miss Minerva Haggard.

“Juanita,” Old Spanish Ballad, Norton—Miss Louise Haggard and Miss Polly Baldwin.

“My Old Kentucky Home,” Foster—Mrs. Claude Scobee and Quartet, Mrs. ??. K. Foster, Mrs. Olive, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.


“Kerry Dance,” Molloy—Miss Elizabeth Butsch.

“Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground,” Foster—Mr. Hugh McDonald and Male Quartet, Mr. John Hodgkin, Mr. Garnett McKinney, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Carry Me Back to Old Virginny,” Bland—Mrs. Albert Marshall and Quartet, Mrs. Massie, Mrs. Olive, Mrs. Scobee, and Mr. Matlack.

“Ben Bolt,” Kneass—Mr. John C. Hodgkin.

“The Mariners,” Bandegger—Mrs. Matlack, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Bonnie Sweet Bessie,” Gilbert—Mrs. Woodson Moss.

“Dixie,” Emmett—Mrs. N. K. Foster and Quartet, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Olive, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Suwanee River,” Foster—Mrs. J. M. Walker and Quartet, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Matlack, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Hush Little Girl, Don’t Cry”—Mr. Morehead and Male Quartet, Mr. Hodgkin, Mr. McKinney, Mr. Morehead and Mr. Matlack.

“Annie Laurie,” Women’s voices arranged by Buck—Miss Baldwin, Mrs. Foster, Miss Catherine Fox, Miss Olivia Gardner, Miss Hughes, Miss L. Haggard, Mrs. Massie, Mrs. Alive, Mrs. Scobee, Mrs. Strode and Mrs. Walker.

“?? America,” all members of Mr. Morehead’s class. The class and audience.


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The Paris Epworth League in its regular monthly business session Monday night, adopted the following resolutions unanimously:

Be it resolved, by the Paris Epworth League, that we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who aided in making the recent Assembly of the Kentucky Conference Epworth League, the most successful one ever held. Be it further

Resolved: That we extend especial thanks to Prof. Albert H. Morehead, musical director, and the other members of his quartette, Messrs. Prentice Lancaster, Harry Kerslake and Wallace Clark, for the excellent selections rendered by them during the Conference, and as a further evidence of our appreciation for Prof. Morehead in training the choir, that this League present him with a remembrance. Be it further

Resolved: That the League extends special thanks to the following: To Mrs. Russell Mann for the use of her spacious yard for the recaption to the delegates and visitors; to all who entertained the delegates during the session; and also to the newspapers which so liberally gave of their space. Be it further

Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the League, and a copy furnished the newspapers for publication.

                DENNIS V. SNAPP,        


E. L. SNAPP, Secretary


Lexington Herald Paris News, July 12, 1914

Prof. Albert H. Morehead, who conducted the music during the Epworth League Conference recently held in this city, has been presented with a handsome thermos bottle by the local league members in recognition of his services which were given gratuitously and which added so much to the enjoyment of the sessions.


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On the evening of Friday, May 26, at the Baptist church, in this city, music lovers of Paris and the county, will be given a genuine treat. The members of Prof. Albert H. Morehead’s class in Winchester, who recently gave a recital there, which was highly praised by good judges, will come to Paris  on their own initiative, and at their own expense, and will givce the same recital here as they gave in Winchester.

The recital will be absolutely free, and there will be no collection or offering of any kind taken or expected. The coming of these artists is merely a social visit, and it is hoped that the people of Paris will show their appreciation of good music by filling the church to hear these vocalists.

The program will be identically the same as was given at the First Methodist church, in Winchester, and is made up of numbers from “The Elijah,” “The Holy City,” “The Messiah,” “Joshua,” “Theodora,” “Samson,” “Eli,” “The Creation,” and other noted musical works by famous composers. The principal numbers on the program will be sung by Mr. Morehead, Mr. Hugh McDonald, Miss Louise Haggard, Miss Katharine Hughes, Miss Pollie Baldwin, Mr. John C,. Hodgkin, Mrs. Woodson Moss, Mrs. J. Claude Scobee, Mrs. Dave T. Matlack, Mr. R. R. Murphy, Mrs. N. K. Foster and Mrs. W. B. Massie.

This will be one of the really enjoyable musical treats of the season, and those who miss it will regret it all their lives.


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Mr. Morehead Will Manage Congregational and Chorus Singing.

During the past week the official of the Second Presbyterian church closed a contract with Mr. A. H. Morehead to take charge of all the music of the of the church and Sunday school. He will begin on this work tomorrow. It is understood that Mr. Morehead’s plan will be to encourage congregational singing and a quartette will lead in this. A chorus choir, to supplement the quartette, will be organized as soon as possible. A choir for the Sunday school singing will also be organized among the young people of the church. Within the next few weeks Mr. Morehead expects to have his plans pretty well developed.

Mr. Morehead has also taken the direction of the music at the Synagogue. Last night the quartette rendered three or four pretty and difficult anthems.


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One of the most delightful entertainments of the commencement season in Paris, was the recital Friday evening by the pupils of the Morehead School of Music.

Mrs. Morehead is the director of the instrumental department, while Prof. Morehead teaches vocal music. The program was a charming combination of the two branches, and was enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience. Two medals offered by Mrs. Morehead for diligence and proficiency were awarded by Rev. Dr. E. M. Shire to Eva A. Chappel and George White Fithian. Every number on the program was well received, but perhaps the rendering of the little song, “Together,” by Mrs. Frank Fithian, and they have been set to music composed by Prof. Morehead, and no song of more beautiful harmony and pathos has been heard here for a long time. Prof. Morehead will have the piece published and it is sure to become popular. The following is the program:

Bluebird                                        Schiller

Thomas A. Hendricks, Jr.

Shepherd’s Song                                Albert H. Morehead

Eva A. Chappell

Doll’s Dream (Lullaby—The Doll dreams—The doll dances)


Mary Frances Campbell

The Spanish Coquette                                Blumenshein

Miss Anna Charlotte Cram

a “Sweetheart”                                Lynes

b “Just a Wearyin’ for You”                        Carrie Jacobs Bond

Miss Nell Mitchell

Feather Dance                                        Ducelle

Stanley Price

Fleeting Hours                                Brinkheim

Miss Lela Benjamin

“Ah Well, Who Knows”                        C. B. Hawley

Miss Nannie Brent Oneill

Dorothy                                        Smith

Miss Alta Benjamin

“O Thou Sublime, Sweet Evening Star” (Tannhauser)


Mr. Harry Kerslake

Gypsy Rondo                                        Hayden

Eva A. Chappell

“The Sailor’s Grave”                                Sullivan

Mrs. Carl Wilmoth

Sonata No. 5                                        Hayden

        Allegro con brio


George White Fithian

“O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast”                Mendelssohn

Mrs. Carl Wilmoth and Miss Nannie Brent Oneill

Rondo Capriccioso                                Mendelssohn

Miss Clara Belle Oneill

The Awarding of Medals,                        Rev. B. M. Shiva, D. D.

a A Banjo Song                                Homer

b “Together”                                        Albert H. Morehead

Mrs. Frank Fithian