Logansport Daily Reporter, Thursday, January 21, 1897


Pleasant Event at the Home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emerich

Prof. A. H. Morehead an Eminent Tenor of Cincinnati

Renders a Fine Classical Program Last Night

One who possesses a human voice with the power to entrance an audience for more than an hour and a half, is gifted beyond the endowment of ordinary men. When that voice is a silver tenor of great power and superior vocalization, the possessor is certainly talented far above the ordinary mortal. Such a person is Albert H. Morehead, the well known tenor of Christ’s church, Fourth street, Cincinnati. Mr. Morehead has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jordan and a very enjoyable social event was arranged for last night in the shape of a recital, which occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emerich, at 813 North street. Mr. Morehead is the son of ex-Governor Morehead, of Kentucky. He has a very fine presence and sings with great expression. He is possessed of a remarkably sweet tenor voice so carefully trained in execution that it gives the possessor the opportunity of expressing the most tender and sacred emotions or the strongest of tragic notes. He sang several selections in German which proved more than ever his power to interpret great inspirations, such as those of Mendelssohn, Von Weber, and others. In his tragic war song from Von Weber, he carried the audience with him with such vehemence as to bring those who understand the language almost to their feet. And then those pretty yet lighter songs he sang went to the heart of every hearer with a searching effect which would be hard to describe and as a fitting climax to the excellent classical program which appears below, he sang by request the “Holy City” that popular selection of Stephen Adams made so famous through its rendition by Edward Lloyd the great English tenor.


1. Recit. “With Overflowing Heart”        

    Air. “The Soft Southern Breeze”        Barnby

2. “The Distant Shore”        Sullivan

3. a. “Robbin”        Neidlinger

    b. “Had I My Choice”        Sheppers

    c. “Entreaty”        Wilson Smith

4. Recit. “Comfort Ye.”

    Air. “Every Valley.”        Handel

5. a. “Lieblingsplatzchen.”

    b. “Bei der Wiege.”

    c. “Fruehlingslied.”        Mendelssohn

6. “Dreams”        Strelezski

7. Three Thoughts. a. “Memories”

                                 b. “Night”

                                 c. “Morning”        Neidlinger

8. Recit. “Nein, laenger trag ich”

    Air. “Dutch die Waelder”        Von Weber

9. “Tell Her I Love Her So”        De Faya

To give a technical criticism of Prof. Morehead’s voice is not our purpose. It is certain that he more than pleased his audience, and that his voice was the most remarkable one heard in Logansport for years. He devotes it to the highest oratorio work.

The work of Miss McMullen as accompanist should not be overlooked. It is a most difficult task to accompany a singer in classical music, and however well it is done, the applause always goes to the vocalist. The audience was generous enough to appreciate Miss McMullen’s excellent efforts at the insistence of a recall, and she deserved the highest compliment for the excellent manner in which she assisted Prof. Morehead.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emerich, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jordan, managed the recital so well as to make it a leading society event of the season. Everyone enjoyed the affair to the utmost. The following guests were present:


W. Bartlett,        John Johnson,

J. E. Sutton,        H. Johnson,

Dr. Busjahn,        B. F. Keesling,

E. Walden,         H. Alexander,

Charles Heffley,        J. T. Elliot,

John Coulson,        John McCullough,

Julius Kaufmann,        W. T. Giffe,

H. C. Cushman,        W. Ross,

Paul Jordan,        T. Wilson,

A. P. Jenks,        Seth Velsey,

J. W. Barnes,        E. Keller,

E. Davis,        H. Ward,

F. E. Coolbaugh,        H. Humphreys,

Otto Kraus,        D. C. Arthur,

G. Hensley,        H. N. May,

O. Myers,        C. Graves,

Ed McConnell,        Dr. J. B. Shultz,

John Rallsback,

Mrs. Riddle,        Mrs. Sala,

Mrs. Anderson,        Mrs. Mattie Grafflin.


Etta Finch,        Alice Finch,

Lizzie Trautman,        Mattie Himmelberger,

Ada Keeport,        Olive Moreland,

Mullie Wise,        Emma Ross,

Alice Ross,        Nellie Stanton,

N. Felker,        A. Hilderbrandt

Gertrude Murdock,        Margaret Meck,

M. Magee,        Mame Magee,

May McConnell,        Ethel Pryor,

Frances Lux,        Ore Marrison,

Nellie Adams,        Adah Cushman,

Mame Cushman,        Ida Covault,

Anne Vovault,        — Burlingame,

— Leinge,        Blanche Collett,

Bertha Kauffman,        Mary Hieler,

Millie Gray.


Frank Coulbaugh,        Harvey Anderson,

Carl Keller,        M. Wiley,

Walter Malben,        Willard Thomas,

Fred Landis,        Harry Elliott,

L. Eichhorn,        Gus Hockinbemer,

Harry Long,        Arthur Keesling,

Sidney Kaufman,        Otto Tyner,

Sam Hunter,        Will Murdock,

Ed Metzger,        Harry Metzger,

Henry Schwier,        Adam Felker,

Ed Donovan,        Ollie Ward,

Georg Riddel,        Earl Riddel,

Breck Matthews,        Otis Howe.

Mr. Paul Jordan was formerly a pupil of Prof. Morehead and was through their acquaintance in early years that the professor was induced to stop off and give his recital last night. He left on the early morning train for Chicago.



Logansport Reporter, January 14, 1897


Great Tenor Singer to be Heard in Logansport

Mr. Albert H. Morehead, of Cincinnati, will be the guest of Pan Handle Conductor Paul Jordan and wife next week. Mr. Morehead is a tenor singer of much ability, and will be entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emerich Wednesday evening. He will give a tenor recital, and those who have heard his artistic rendition of classical selections, speak highly of him.